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Buy Lioresal

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[From Journal of American Medical Association, Sept. 5, 1966, pp. 60-61] 3120 COMPETITIVE PROBLEMS Buy Lioresal IN THE DRUG INDUSTRY in lower respiratory infections'"' including pneumonia, bronchitis, and complications of influenza or common cold caused by Staph-, Strep- and Pneumococci practically painless on Injection therapy may be Initiated parenterally and then followed through orally without switching antibiotic. reactions rare, even for patients sensrtive to penicillin does not share antigenicity with the penicillin group of compounds. no reports of serious renal or neurologic abnormalities; no ototoxicity. no tooth discoloration to date: tests by 40 investigators involving 2,500 patients show no tooth discoloration with Lincocin. LlLincocin (lincomycin hydrochloride monohydrate) Contraindications: Patients previously found hypersensitive to drug; patients with know/n pre-existing monilial infections; and, until further clinical study IS made, the newborn. Precautions: Use of antibiotics occasionally causes overgrowth of nonsusceptible organisms. If supenrifections occur, take References: 1. Holloway, W. J., and Scott, E. G.: Am. J. M. So. 249:691 (June) 1965. 2. Duncan, I. 6. R., and Jeans, B.: Canad. M.A.J. 93:685 (Sept. 25) 1965. 3. Kaplan, K.; Chew, W. H., and Weinstein, L.: Am. J. M.Sc. 250:137 (Aug.) 1965. 4. Nunnery. A. W., and Riley, H. D.: Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy- 1964, Ann Artx)r, Michigan, Am. Soc. Micnobiol., p. 142. 5. Holloway, W. J.; Kahlbaugh, R. A., and Scott, E. G.: Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy-1963. Ann Arbor, Michigan, Am. Soc. Microbiol., p. 200. 6. Walters, E. W.; Romansky, M. J., and Johnson, Buy Lioresal A. C: Ibid., p. 210. 7. Harnecker, J.; Contreras, J.; Gilabert, B., and Ubilla, V.: Ibid., p. 204. not t>een definitely shown to be 3se of irreversible toxicity to the ided that blood counts be receiving the drug during ; with pre-exjsling kidney, ndicate. Efficacy in rheumatic fever not established. ntJnuance have been reported. Side effects of small sh. rectal irritation, vaginitis, urticaria and itching. A few cases of hypersensitivity ug. The usual Buy Lioresal agents for emergency treatment should be available. Supplied: 500 mg. OL^^.^K""-- ...^..o-.^.. An occasional patient has developed jaundice while receiving Imcomycm. although this naj drug-related Buy Lioresal Patients receiving treatment for longer than one or two Buy Lioresal weeks should have liver function tests. One i hematopoietic system and only a few cases of neutropenia and/or leukopenia Buy Lioresal have been reported; howevei obtained early in course of therapy. Safety for use in pregnancy not yet established Limited experience with 345 worr various stages of pregnancy revealed no ill effects on mother or fetus. Due to lack of adequate clinical data, use m pati liver, endocrine or metatwhc diseases nt Side Effects: Most frequent loose stools or diarrhea Casi proportion: nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps or pain, reactions reported. If an allergic reaction occurs, discontir - - - - ^ , capsules and pediatric capsules, 250 mg.. in bottles of 24 and 100; 2 cc. disposable syringes; 2 cc. and 10 cc. vials each cc. of stei lincomycin hydrochloride monohydrate equiv. to lincomycin base. 300 mg.; also 9 mg. benzyl alcohol and water for inject'"" " = nmended unless special clinical circumstan Irug diE :in syrup equi 250 mg. per 5 cc. lincomycin base in 60 cc. and pint bottles. Lincocin pediatric drops equiv. to 250 mg. per 1 30 cc. bottles with dropper. For more detailed prescribing information on this product, see the package nsult your Upiohn representative. *1966 ty The upiohn Company J66 6?-6 i
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